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NEW RELEASE-July 3, 2020

Once in a blue suede moon, a record comes along that does its part to move the dial on folk/ roots radio- “Best Of Many Days ” is a culmination of Michael Veitch’s skills a songwriter and is produced so that the songs are truly taking center stage. Recorded over several years and around the globe, this sets a new bar for Veitch with its finely tuned sonics, wide ranging vocals, combined with well chosen lyrics as if from another time and place. Veitch’s “Best of Many Days” may be one of the records that defines 2020.




Michael Veitch must have awakened one morning with a surge of patriotism because all of a sudden I have this five-song EP of his in my hands.  I flipped it over to see if the cover was right and it was— the EP starting with Veteran’s Day and working its way through Pledging Allegiance, Voices of the Old Days, White Rose, and ending with Happy Fourth of July.  It is called Wake Up Call and begs for a lyric sheet, though I am sure Veitch has a page for the lyrics posted somewhere (check out http://www.michaelveitch.com to be sure).  I have no idea what prompted the theme but it serves Veitch well, covering ground which does not get much covering these days.

There is much to be said for respect in todays world, partially because there is so little of it.  I am old enough to know what part parades played in the fabric of society, the importance of a Veterans Day, the reverence allowed those who served.  And while I am a realist and know that serving one’s country is only a small part of the makeup of any individual, I feel the pull toward the sentiment if only because when I was young, it was what we were taught.  The truth is, war is never what it seems.  I think you have to fight in one to understand.

Veitch did an exceptional job getting these songs from embryo to full-fledged status and deserves a healthy pat on the  back,  All songs original, well-produced and as folk as it gets.  Five out of five ain’t bad.

Frank Gutch Jr.



The folk singer / songwriter has long been the voice of and for the people.  They encourage. They remind. They warn. Their music is a cape that shelters, protects and encloses. This is a mantle that Michael Veitch wears eloquently

John Sillberg

CKOL, Campbellford, Ontario, Canada



The new EP “Wake Up Call” has just hit over 530 folk and Americana radio stations across US, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia…well, pretty much the world. You can purchase a physical CD signed! by sending $10 to Veitch/Wake Up Call, PO Box 758, Woodstock, NY 12498-shipping is included. Download it at  CDBaby/michaelveitch/wakeupcall or listen in for free at https://soundcloud.com/veitchmunich/sets/wake-up-call




"It's For You."



New CD and download-“Box of Letters” available at CDBaby.com as a CD and ITunes etc.for downloads.

Backstory: I found an old box of DAT tapes from radio performances and live concerts and, at the urging of my engineer Julie Last, I had them converted to WAV files. The results were amazing as many of the tracks sounded better than I could have achieved in the studio. All are first take one offs. Mostly the older numbers but some new stuff mixed in. The collection holds together very well-kind of a “greatest hits” live project.

My many thanks to all the Folk Radio Dj’s who pushed the record button, the many artists who asked me to open for them, and those sound engineers who remembered to bring the DAT tape. Love you all!!


1. Pledging Allegiance (Live)

2. Dakota Shootout (Live)

3. That Was The Summer (Live)

4. My Dear Life (Live)

5. Box of Letters (Live)

6. Is That All There Is (Live)

7. Rotten Town (Live)

8. Southern Girl (Live)

9. Las Vegas Sand (Live)

10. Frank Sinatra (Live)

11. Wildest Fire (Live)

12. Angels Out There (Live)

13. Tru Luv (Live)

All songs are just single voice and guitar. I’m playing a 1978 Guild D50 I bought brand new at Whitcombs Music Center, Claremont NH in 1978! Many thanks to Rick Davis at Majik Kabin Studios in Ascutney VT, and Julie Last at Coldbrook Productions, Bearsville NY for helping to make this happen. And it was Julie who said, “Hey, you should listen to those DATS!” Hah!! And special thanks to Jack Weiner who put the graphics together. I used Copycats for the duplication and was very pleased with the results. Nice price too!

Get the CD or download here:




Available for download @ CDBaby.com/MichaelVeitch

VEITCH MUNICH- 12 new songs written in Munich, Germany and recorded in Munich, Ascutney, Vermont, and Bearsville, NY

Here’s the new video-“The Lucky Ones”


Album Notes
Veitch Munich

(c)2016Burt Street Music (BMI)

I had the very good fortune to recently live in Munich Germany for about two years. While there, I discovered a thriving songwriter scene and helped organize the first meetings of the Munich Songwriters Group, modeled after the famous Jack Hardy Monday meetings in Greenwich Village. The first results of these two years in Munich is “Veitch Munich” – twelve new songs, written and mostly recorded there.

I had heard from Judy Collins that she wanted to record my song “Veteran’s Day” for her new album “Bohemian.” In addition to being thrilled at this news, it triggered a songwriting spree that added to my collection about 50 new songs..songs about “days”- holidays, important days, burying days, etc. It became a running joke at the songwriters meetings — what day is he doing next?—enough new material for at least another album—“Veitch Munich 2”

This was originally going to be called “The Best of Many Days” to encompass all those “days” I had written new songs about. But I especially wanted to include my song “White Rose” – originally titled “Fine, Fine Day” so I settled on “Veitch Munich.”

Ironically, I was in Germany when I heard of Jack Hardy’s passing. The song “One Step Beyond” was written and recorded in true Fast Folk style, it took altogether about a day, and with the exception of adding Kirsti Gholsen’s beautiful backup vocals, it was all recorded in Munich in one take, including the drum machine.

“The Lucky Ones” – also not a “day” song, came about after having read Judy Collin’s new autobiography “Sweet Judy Blue Eyes.” I had written her an email to say how much her story hit home, especially about the addiction and loss of loved ones. A good friend of mine had just passed away from a battle with Hepatitis C and I shared a bit of that story. She wrote back that “we are the lucky ones.” The song is part of a trilogy of tunes I wrote for a dear friend and co-writer who also passed away while I was in Germany after a long battle with cancer. “ Fevered Dream” and “Angels Out There” are the other two.

I was very fortunate to have Dan Whitley add some blazing guitar to my song “Happy Fourth of July.” The most political one on this album, too! We flew in his tracks here in the states after I returned. Thank you thank you!

Drumming is all Eric Parker and some, like “Valentine’s Day” were done without me even in the room. It is a song I wrote together with Julie Last ( who also mixed and engineered most of this record) that I think we started before I left, and went through several versions before we found this one. Everything except the drums and bass and Julie’s backups were recorded in Germany. I flew the files over to Coldbrook and viola! Thank you thank you!

“Try Try Try” is not an actual live recording but it does open and close with the crowd from Bagels and Muffins who would come out for the shows I did there. We had some very crowded nights. Hepple Ettlich theater was another regular performance spot where I worked out the kinks in a lot of these songs. Many thanks to the International Songwriter’s Evening for having me! And check out the you-tubes of some of those performances if you get a chance.

Bass is mostly Kyle Esposito, when I am not doing a keyboard synth bass line. And Kirsti Gholsen also added her voice to “The First Day.” Thank you thank you!
Footch Fischetti plays the violin on “First Snow” and the rest is pretty much just me. Most of the basic tracks were recorded in Munich using Apple’s Garageband. We then flew the files into Pro Tools at Julie’s Coldbrook Productions Studio. A few of the songs were recorded live, one take, vocal and guitar at Rick Davis’ “Majik Kabin” studio in Ascutney Vermont and we layered everything else on. Thank you thank you!!
The artwork on the cover is by German Artist Aeneas Art with some layout and text added by Rick Veitch. Aeneas gave me the painting after a show in Munich and as I was looking around for art for this cover, I contacted him to ask if it was okay to use. He happily said yes and I sent him “White Rose” to give him some idea what it was going to sound like. He wrote back that his grandfather had actually helped Sophie Scholl and White Rose during the war and that he had founded the White Rose Foundation after the War. It is a very small world indeed. Thank you thank you!!
Without Anne Sutherland, I would not have had the chance to experience so much of Europe, including Russia no less!. And Zoe was there too. What a most amazing trip! Thank you thank you!!!
I kept a blog www.veitchmunich.blogspot.com – a photo journal and my reflections on what we were seeing and experiencing on this glorious trip. The new record is the soundtrack.
And to all my Munich friends, Jens, Yogi, Marko, Ben, Franchesco, Matt, the songwriting group, and of course Alma, Alex, Aeneas and Solly, Danke von der Unterseite meines Herzens. I’ll be back.



Track List:

1. Valentines Day (Veitch and Last)

2. After the Clouds (Veitch)

3. White Rose (Veitch)

4. The Lucky Ones (Veitch)

5. Try Try Try (Veitch)

6. Home Again  duet w/ Solly Aschkar (Veitch)

7. Best of Many Days (Veitch)

8. Voices of The Old Days (Veitch)

9. One Step Beyond (For Jack Hardy) (Veitch)

10. First Snow Of The Year ( Veitch)

11. Happy Fourth of July w/ Dan Whitley (Veitch)

12. The First Day w/ Kirsti Gholsen (Veitch)


December 6-Opening for Judy Collins! Bellows Falls Vermont

Many thanks to Catamount Arts and VermontFestivals for bringing this all together!

@The Restored Opera House-The history of BF continues!

Here’s a link for tix ( if there are any left)


See you there!


Coming soon! Saturday August 29th 8PM at the Kleinart in Woodstock NY-all star cast to raise money for digitizing Alf Ever’s papers and research. A very worthy cause!!

Save the Date! I will be opening for Judy Collins December 6 at the Bellows Falls VT Opera House! Tix will go quickly.


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White Rose/new single Release Date May 8, 2015


Recorded in Munich, Germany @ Osterwald Studios and @ Coldbrook Productions, Bearsville,NY

Alma Honal backup vocals

Alex Sebastion, Piano

Michael Veitch, Vocals, guitar,harmonium, bass

Engineered by Julie Last

Art work by Jack Wiener

Image of White Rose Memorial:Public Domain



First review:


The Veitch Boys The Veitch Boys E.P. self-released; 2014 3.5 out of 5 By B Parker
The Veitch Boys (frontman Michael Veitch and his assembly of studio talent) play surf-rock in the style of The Beach Boys. In fact, they appear to be Veitch’s favorite group, if not the one that has influenced their self-titled EP The Veitch Boys the most. Built on rich, dense vocal harmonies and the bright guitar sounds of classic pop, Veitch has closely analyzed how his favorite ‘60s hits work and used that to craft his own songs. While he largely stays faithful to the genre’s earmarks musically and lyrically, there are a few moments where he puts a new spin on things to great effect. “Drive” is the opener, a light-hearted jingle, that like many songs before it and countless others in the future, frames the joys of freedom as driving with no particular destination during the days of summer. A bit typical lyrically, the music itself offers solid hooks in the bouncing keyboard melody and the beautifully harmonized vocals (a recurring element throughout the EP). It’s the song that comes closest to that vaunted Beach Boys sound: mid-tempo and filled with the requisite background “ooooooh,” it’s catchy and universal. The next track “August Nights” follows similar motifs, swapping genres to dabble in doo-wop. Again, it’s a nostalgic throwback, romanticizing summer for a good slow dance. Things venture into less tried and true territory midway into the EP. “Close to the Flame” puts emphasis on piano chords while de-emphasizing to some degree the harmonized vocals. Listening passively you may think it a continuation of the last track as it carries that same swaying final number feel. But the story told, though still in Veitch’s joyful tone, is surprisingly bleak. “I’m here to confess/some years were just a mess/crawling through the dark/with a knife in my chest.” Hiding behind the EP’s easy-going attitude is this extended moment of self-recognition and defeat. Certainly the odd duck in the group, but thanks to the delivery and execution it doesn’t sound too far out of place. “My Old Car” offers a similar inversion of the happy-go-lucky ways of surf-rock. The sunny strumming gives way to detailed descriptions of how the treasured old car has been destroyed by the progression of time. Though not as hopeless as the previously described track (here the memories of what the car once was trump its present state), it still hit me as a delightful shock. Overall The Veitch Boys EP is a nice walk through the past with a few unexpected turns onto roads less traveled. Though a bit too comfortable at times, it plays close—and very well—to the roots it seeks to honor.

=================================     Breaking news Update Dec. 5, 2014   Many Many thanks to the following radio stations that have just added “First Snow of the Year” for this holiday playlist season: KOHN-FM -US South Wind Radio-US Best UnHeard Music-US The Penguin- US Radio Upper Murray-Australia AMAZ Radio- US Bob Birch Radio-UK Huon FM Australia Dr. Rock Medicine Show-US WNEC – FM -US IO Radio -UK Soundwave FM – New Zealand M3 Radio-US Festival Radio-US Radio Norfolk-Norfolk island CJUM radio Can Hutt Radio Town and County-New Zealand Minsk-Belarus   Cheers!   New Radio Interview and performance on WOOL 91.5 Bellows Falls Vermont, US  July 18,2014   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-Q2cKC3UCY

Tune In: New Live Streaming Radio Interview and Performance-Up Close and Acoustic-click here-

http://www.prx.org/pieces/105177-up-close-and-acoustic-with-michael-veitch#.UmW7s7kp0ig.facebook http://gashouseradio.com Monday 11 AM October 21st and podcast available atUp close and Acoustic w/ Charlie Silvestri

“Postcards From Vermont Vol 1” reviewed:

http://www.chronogram.com/hudsonvalley/cd-review-postcards-from-vermont-volume-1/Content?oid=2203605 http://www.musesmuse.com/mrev-michaelveitch-postcards.html http://www.rocknrollview.com/blog/2013/08/15/3569/ http://www.indieartistsalliance.com/ (search by title or date: Aug. 14,2013) http://allwhatsrock.com/blog/michael-veitch-postcards-from-vermont http://www.musicemissions.com/artists/albums/index.php?album_id=17085

Breaking News May 30, 2013

Postcards From Vermont Vol. 1 has been released and is available for sampling and download at many sites. Try http://cdbaby.com/cd/michaelveitch14 where you can sample and buy the downloads for individual songs or the whole album. For a signed actual Postcard Download card, visit http://veitchstore.blogspot.com For a complete track list, lyrics and all the info, visit http://veitch-postcards.blogspot.com

Breaking News April 14, 2013

In Good Company Here’s the track list for Judy Collin’s New Live DVD ” Live at the Metropolitan Museum Temple of Dendur” -there are guest appearances by Ani Difranco, Shawn Colvin , Kenny White and Jimmy Webb, and it’s great! Track Listing: Judy Collins Live at Temple of Dendur DVD

1. Open the Door (J. Collins) 2. Both Sides Now (J. Mitchell) 3. Diamonds and Rust (J. Baez) 4. Campo De Encino (J. Webb) 5. Pure Imagination (A. Newley, L. Bricusse) 6. Some Day Soon (I. Tyson) 7. Veteran’s Day (M. Veitch) 8. Helplessly Hoping (S. Stills) 9. Pastures of Plenty (W. Guthrie) 10. Suzanne (L. Cohen) 11. In the Twilight (J. Collins) 12. Mr. Tambourine Man (B. Dylan) 13. Moon is a Harsh Mistress (J. Webb) 14. Since You’ve Asked (J. Collins) 15. The Blizzard (J. Collins) 16. Send in the Clowns (S. Sondheim)

I am truly honored to have my anti-war song Veteran’s Day recorded by Judy Collins (in duet with Kenny White) for her latest album Bohemian” on Wildflower Records. She is a great songwriter in her own “write” but also one of the all time greatest interpreters of other people’s works—Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Stephen Sondheim…and many more…it’s a long list. Through a song contest called Music To Life,” started by Noel Paul Stookey and managed by his daughter Liz, my song found it’s way to Judy who was a judge that year. That was about six years ago and, considering it to be a “jewel” of a song, she grabbed it for herself and a future recording project. That project is Bohemian which also features greats such as Joni Mitchell, Jimmy Webb, old friend Shawn Colvin fellow Woodstockers Ollabelle. I had the good fortune of meeting Judy and catching up with Kenny in Paris in early October, 2011. She put on a very strong performance, to say the least, and had the room singing and stomping at the end. My best wishes for Bohemian‘s success and if Judy is playing anywhere nearby-be sure to go see her-she’s truly amazing.

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