Last Farmer in Vermont

copyright 1994 Michael Veitch
All Rights Reserved

This song was written back when Vermont's Governor was Madeline Kunin and the family farm was threatened, yet hanging on. On this roughly fifteenth anniversary of Last Farmer, the struggle to save Vermont's heritage, landscape, connection to the land, pride, and of course its food supply continues. Some progress has been made but unfortunately the fight has only gotten harder during the past 15 years and Howard Dean's governorship which comprised most of it. Large numbers of farms have gone under, only the largest seem to be getting any help, and cattle and equipment auctions are common. Since Gov. Dean has chosen to run for President (no less!) I thought it would be fitting to dedicate "The Last Farmer in Vermont" to his campaign. It tells it like it is, during the "Dean years" more than ever. Call it the "Dean legacy" if you will. I hope the good folks in Iowa and those other primary states are listening.

Last Farmer in Vermont
Michael Veitch
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I went to see the last farmer in Vermont
He was sitting watching TV
And eating pizza and looking mighty relaxed
I got to tell you He was truly laid back
I asked him where are the cows and the chickens and horses
And ain't it time to be getting out and doing some milking?
He says he only brings em' out on weekends
So the tourists flying by on the highway can see em'

It's a hard life, but somebody's got to do it
Somebody's got to be the last,
Farmer in Vermont

I asked him hows he do any farming
With all those condos and shopping malls and
interstates and bypasses and gas pipelines?
And sports complexes, ski areas,
Housing projects and regional landfills and
trash incinerators?

He said it's a hard life
But somebody's got to do it
Somebody's got to be the last
Farmer in Vermont

And once a year, the Governor comes down
And gives him a plaque, shakes his hand
And pats him on the back
And says "keep up the good work"
With a big smile on his face. Says "It's people like you that make Vermont
such a
Very special place."

One of the days he's gonna
Pack it up and head down south and
retire with all that Green Mountain money.
When he sells the farm to some big corporation
Wants to turn it into a museum
And a 24 hour truckstop

It's a hard life, but somebody's got to do it
Somebody's got to be the last, one and only the last
Solitary the last, farmer in Vermont.
(Where's Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys when we need em'?)

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Words and music by Michael Veitch
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