Above the Rain

Best of Many Days

Words and Music Michael Veitch and Rita Schwartz

(c) 2020 Burt Street Music (BMI)

The sun still shines above the darkness

On the days we’ve lost our way

When everything can feel so heartless

The sky she always smiles above the rain

When all appears undone

She smiles, she smiles on everyone

I see blue skies when the others

Cry each morning sisters brothers

Try and do the best you can

All will mend is due time

While the sky, she smiles above the rain

She smiles, she smiles above the rain

Open your hand there’s a gift here for taking

Do what you can, it’s your life you are making

Remember the past share a story for telling

It’s a story worth saving

Broken glass may last forever

Still a chance for better weather

All those years may still seem close

We’ve got hope we’ve got each other

Here, she smiles above the rain

Right here, she smiles above the rain

She smiles on everyday