Edge of This Town

Best of Many Days

Words & Music Michael Veitch

(c)2020 Burt Street Music (BMI)

I’ve gambled all my younger years

With the gypsies and the dime store dears

I’ve lost more than I ever feared

I looked up and those years were gone

Facing the music with a handful of wires

Singing for dreamers and habitual liars

It was my choice and my desire

And I would not change a thing

Around the fires

I’m holding tight to my ground

Out here on the edge of this town

I’ve followed the wildest untamed rivers

Still searching for a deep blue sea

Superhighways and dead end streets

They have all looked good to me


We try and we try to reach the top

Of a mountain made of solid rock

My heart keeps saying don’t you stop

And I won’t, it’s all that I got