Last Mile

Best of Many Days

Words & Music Michael Veitch

(c)2020 Burt Street Music (BMI)

The middle of nowhere used to be somewhere

Where a man could find some peace

Drivin all night gone -into the morning dawn

Worlds you’ve always chased within reach

There was a smile here on your face

It’s the final mile here in this race

Runnin 16 hours long and straight is that a tear on your face

A tear on your face

Drivin with no regrets

A steady job a sure bet

While 18 wheels sang their song

The rigs are going to drive themselves

Nobody up there at the helm

And no heart to sing along


Gone up in a cloud of smoke

All used up and feelin’ broke

This ain’t no dream and it ain’t no  joke

Least they left you with your memories

Least they left you with your memories

Now sittin’ in that easy chair

Never got much wear and tear

Now it’s home to all that’s left

Starin’ off into thin air

Nobody left to care

Goodbye to highways and good pay checks