Lisa Marie

Best of Many Days

Music and lyrics Michael Veitch & John Lynch
Copyrighted 2012 All Rights Reserved
Burt Street Music (BMI)

Lisa Marie, did you ever long to be
Queen of the prom, dance till dawn
Fall into your Daddy’s arms?

Lisa Marie, all covered in flashbulbs blinding
Lines of long Cadillacs idling
Flowers piled on your lawn

It’s your Grace-behind the notes on the big white gates
It’s your Grace-it’s all your grace now

Lisa Marie, it must be so hard to go back
Everything gone or it’s wrapped in black
Nothing left of the happy days

Lisa Marie, alone at the top of your stairs
With a long silver streak of hair
And a sixties memory


Bridge: The bottom of your garden well
It’s wishes piled high where we all
Left our goodbyes, we all left our goodbyes

Lisa Marie, watching it rain down our tears
From a blue blue suede Memphis sky
Year after year