Lucky Ones

Best of Many Days

Words & Music Michael Veitch

(c)2020 Burt Street Musc (BMI)

As we live each day for the journey

As it comes and wherever it goes

The sun still wins her fight with the darkeness

Somehow she always knows

That we’re the lucky ones

Inside the picture

Painted with a fine brush

We’re the lucky ones

It may hail and rain around us

But it never falls between us

Beneath the skin

Where it sometimes hurts the deepest

Not even smiles

Can ever really hide it

Behind the laughs

It just gets harder to fake it

When it’s all wrapped up inside

And we’re the lucky ones

Still here to feel the winds

And the songs that they send

We’re the lucky ones

Play that slow mandolin

Found along some old road we’ve bee

And it may not always be getting better

Even though that old song says it will

Someday soon we may all be forgotten

But we’re sure to be forgiven

Cause we’re the lucky ones

We’re the lucky ones

We’re the lucky ones

We’re the lucky ones