Never Been To China

Best of Many Days

Words and Music Michael Veitch © 2006 Burt Street Music(BMI)

Laying in my bed and I’m waiting for a train

That flies down the valley, every night

Staring at my ceiling and dreaming of riding that train

For a million miles


Someday I’m going to lose this place, I’ve never been to China

Too far it won’t be too far away, I’ve never been to China

Someday I’m going to lose this place, this place

Someday I’m going to lose this place

And I’m watching from my corner those cars go driving so fast

So big, so shiny.

With their smiling faces behind the wheel, dancing in their mirrors as

They look behind me


I leave those voices behind closed doors, no more cries in the long

Lonely nights to be ignored

And I’l say goodbye to whisky who stayed too long, oh what two

People can do when their demons roar, when their demons roar

It was a violent night nearly every night, somebody paid the price

It was usually me

Now I get up in the morning put a smile on my face

I’m all right, the dishes are clean