One Step Beyond

Best of Many Days

Words and Music Michael Veitch © 2020 Burt Street Music (BMI)

One step beyond, where answers are free

It takes a lifetime, to finally see

Lightness and grace, to all a gift

A tear on a face, a smile you’ve missed

One step beyond

One step beyond, safe travels old friend

If you make it through, find a song to send

Teach us to be strong, on our burying day

Every minute gone, a simple breath away

One step beyond

Bridge: Fields of Texas Blue and I can’t help thinking

Of an afternoon, sitting by a fire singing clear and true,

The only way that anyone could ever reach you

One step beyond, it’s the final scene

The fade to black, welcome to the dream

Through dark mountains, into Galway mist

Across midnight moors, you’ve waited for this

One step beyond, one step beyond, one step beyond.