Pledging Allegiance

Wake Up Call

Words and music Michael Veitch ©2000 (p) 2017
Burt Street Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved
There used to be an American Dream
We were all born to be free
And live on the set of a Hollywood screen
Pledging allegiance
Everybody driving a Cadillac
Making a beeline to Las Vegas and back
With all our chips in a great big stack
Pledging Allegiance
Take a long walk through a company town
On what used to be solid ground
Where nobody was ever gonna get sized down
Pledging allegiance
When all those dollars they headed south
Taking the food right out of the baby’s mouths
Down in Mexico they don’t complain as loud
Pledging allegiance
We can send a man to walk upon the Moon
We can march him down the street to push a broom
We can give him a gun and teach him how to shoot, we teach him to shoot
One hundred and thirty will fry an egg
And it will take the skin right off of your legs
But the sidewalk is still the place to beg
Pledging allegiance
Between the lines of those stars and stripes
The fine print says that we have some rights
To a steam grate on the coldest night
Pledging allegiance, pledging allegiance