Try, Try, Try

Best of Many Days

Words and music Michael Veitch © 2020 Burt Street Music (BMI)

Through the tears it looked like rain on the windshield

And all those hands were fit to be tied

They are wringing you dry until your all in tatters

What matters is you try, try,try

You should have taken that right turn sooner than later

Instead of waiting for all those years to fly

Even with every high beam making you blind

What matters is you try, try, try

Bridge: Leaving behind another lonely lifetime, the suitcase

Packed with your memories, Leaving the rest along the roadside,

We only get one ticket to ride.

She woke you up this morning with a sunrise

And a table spread with all her dreams and smiles

It may have taken years but you are here and you survived

What matters is you try, try, try

Try, try try.