White Rose

Wake Up Call

Words and music Michael Veitch ©(p)2017 Burt Street Music (BMI)
Words by White Rose/ Public Domain
Somebody has to make a start
Somebody had to face the smiling beast
They know the war, the war was lost
Have the courage now to speak
White Rose, White Rose
She said I have to go away
White Rose, White Rose
On such a fine, fine, sunny day
And with the hand that moves the cradle
Standing up to the mighty might
And in one’s heart it’s to be noble
Face the beast while shattering the night
Millions of Roses falling from the sky
A paper rain while the whole world cried
No stopping even one single child
Who believes…
Somebody had to make a start
And so many now believe it
Freiheit, es lebe die freiheit
A long stem clenched in our teeth